Quickbooks Integrations

Integrate QuickBooks Online with Office backend to automatically import your sales summary. Using our QuickBooks Online Integration App simplifies your day-to-day operations, all without having to lift a finger. This State-of-the-art solutions will save you time, money and eliminate the unnecessary stress of inevitable human error. This unique app runs automatically at the preselected time of your choosing and eliminates all additional steps by automatically transferring all the key data points to QuickBooks.

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Transfer your daily sales summary by category

  • All your daily sales along with the payments received by tender type are reported as an Invoice in QuickBooks.

View itemized transaction details for enhanced reporting

  • Show tips, surcharge, gratuity, delivery charges, and total sales of taxable & non-taxable items as separate lines on the Invoice.

Track your taxes due in QuickBooks

  • Taxes collected depending upon the configuration in Backend will be transferred by tax rate, enabling you to keep tab on taxes due. The taxes will be visible in the Sales Tax Report too.

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