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Ember Solutions is a leading sales and support center for businesses in Birmingham and across the Southeast. With a full-range of integrated point of sale solutions, it’s easy to see why Ember Solutions is the POS system of choice for thousands of businesses.

How to choose the right point of sale system for your business

What Is A Point Of Sale System?

A Point Of Sale system refers to the components that facilitate the point-of-sale process. It consists of the hardware and software you use to ring up sales. At its most basic level, A Point Of Sale system functions as a cash register that lets you record sales, take payments and issue receipts. But Point-Of-Sale Systems have evolved over the years, and today many modern Point Of Sale solutions come with inventory management, analytics, and CRM capabilities.

Key Benefits Of Point Of Sale System

Investing in the right point of sale system can benefit you, your team, and your customers in the following ways: This is the system that holds the point-of-sale process together. Without a Point Of Sale solution, there would be no checkout, and you won’t be able to record transactions. It’s a system that’s essential to ringing up sales, and your business won’t function well without one. A Point Of Sale system (a good one, anyway) may also have reporting capabilities that can surface useful insights about your products, sales, customers, and more. With the right solution, you can gain actionable insights and make smarter business decisions. This benefit applies to modern retail Point Of Sale software and restaurant Point Of Sale systems that have extended capabilities like stock control, customer management, marketing, etc. Adopting a robust point of sale solution gives you access to powerful tools you can use to grow your business.

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Are you in an industry that requires food and beverage sales? We have just what you need- a Point Of sale System designed to optimize speed and accuracy. Our user-friendly platform provides hassle-free operation, perfect for busy environments.

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In Order to Streamline the Customer Experience, Various Tools Are Available to Quickly Create Orders, Track Product Sales and Inventory, and Manage Customer Relationships.

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Liquor Store

For those running a Liquor Store, Ember Solutions offers a range of features that can help to increase efficiency and agility. These features are designed to make the day-to-day operations smoother and more productive.

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Fine Dining

For fine dining establishments, Ember Solutions has the perfect solution to maximize elegance and power. Our comprehensive features have been designed with paramount customer experience and operational efficiency in mind.

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Bar & Pub

Ember Solutions stands out as the top Point Of Sale option for nightclubs and bars. It radiates class with its night-oriented display setup, while being packed full of features to help speed up transactions and give customers a great experience.

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We provide an easy to learn point of sale system that will allow you to easily train staff, upload and manage many SKU’s and product types, and scan items quickly and easily, increasing the convenience to both customers and staff.

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Scanning or Searching Items Makes It Easier to Create New Orders Swiftly.

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Pet Groomers

Your Customers Are Important to You, So Why Not Keep Track of Their Preferences, Shampoo Sensitivities and Canine Conduct?

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Salon & Spa

Managing and selling retail products alongside your services doesn't have to be complicated. Ember Solutions makes it easy to oversee all parts of your business, so you can focus on serving your clients.

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