Merchant Services

Enabling more payment methods in multiple places is key for businesses to be successful. Under headline-Ember Solutions provides businesses with access to the most up-to-date technology and comprehensive support.

"Fast and secure payment solutions that work for you."

Take payments anywhere

In-Store or In-Person

Upgrading to EMV card readers can vastly improve customer service and provide greater security for your business. These readers permit Chip cards which accelerate the process, taking the 15 seconds it usually takes to a mere 2 seconds. This quick checkout benefits both customers and staff alike due to shorter wait times. Furthermore, chip cards protect against fraudulent activities by preventing criminals from stealing data or creating counterfeit cards. As a result of being EMV compliant, you won't be held responsible for counterfeits, ultimately leading to fewer chargebacks for your company. All these advantages definitely make EMV card readers worth it - customers are happy with fast checkouts, and businesses benefit from increased revenue and improved security!

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On Website Or App

Website hosted payment buttons and pages are a great, easy way to accept credit card payments on your e-commerce site. Your customers can simply click the button or link to the product they want to purchase, rather than having to enter in their card number and other private information. We are active members of the eCommerce community and our online merchant services are widely used to sell products online.

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Mail Order / Telephone Order

A virtual terminal is ideal for businesses of all kinds — from the office to the boardroom to the classroom. They are easy to use and work without software or a traditional credit card terminal, so that users can accept and manage payments virtually, anywhere.

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Pricing structures

Cost Plus / Interchange

Opting for an interchange plus pricing structure when processing credit cards can result in lower processing costs compared to other options such as tiered or bundled. This is due to the components of the fee being broken down, which creates transparency and allows for better optimization of the exchange rate.

Dual Pricing

Rather than incurring the cost of processing credit cards, cash discount programs offer businesses the opportunity to pass these fees on to their customers. With cash discount merchant services, business owners can still accept all major forms of payment without sacrificing 3-4% in fees. This is an ideal solution for those who wish to keep their prices competitive, while still being able to process payments with credit or debit cards.

Flat Rate

Flat rate pricing in the realm of credit card processing simplifies costs for merchants. This model requires a predetermined percentage fee and fixed transaction fee with each sale; usually 2.9% and $0.30 respectively. An advantage to this system is that the type of credit card used will not affect how much merchants pay per transaction.

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