Standard KIT LRS Paging Transmitter (TX-9561MT)

LRS' Guest Transmitter is an affordable option for a non-Internet enabled LRS paging system. It is designed to provide your staff the ability to immediately notify waiting guests when service is ready.

Pro Kit LRS Connect Transmitter (TX-7471)

LRS' Connect Transmitter can be Internet connected and serves as the central hub that facilitates paging of LRS pagers, texting to customer mobile phones, and data collection for online reporting.

Compatible with

  • SP4 Pager
  • Guest Pager Note
  • Guest Pager Pro
  • LRS Connect Waitlist
  • Alpha Coaster
  • Text To Cell Phone
Shoter Wait Times

Paging guests makes the line move faster.Who doesn't like that?

More Efficient Staff

Staff no longer have to search for waiting guests and they can quickly quote wait times and perform other duties.

Increased Revenue

Minimizing the time between seated or served customers means you can seat or serve more

reduced walk-aways

Giving your customers a pager makes them "sticky". its harder for waiting guest to just up and walk away when wait times are longer.

Freedom for Waiting Guests

Guests can visit the bar, patio, common areas, or restroom without having to worry about missing their call to be seated

Less Host Stand Congestion

Guest aren't hovering around the host stand or lobby waiting. Promote social distancing and create space for guests and

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