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Financial Quote Example

Amount To Be Financed =$6,600.00

24 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months
Monthly Payment$322.74$229.02$182.82$156.42
Cost If Client Completes Full Term#######$8,244.72$8,775.36$9,385.20
  • Example payments are not a 100% gaurantee that you will get the payment amount stated.The actual rate will very based on credit, and time that your business has been open.
  • Downpayment may also be required. You will have the right to refuse final offer before singing agreement.
  • No Pre-Payment Penelty If loan is paid off Early
  • The precentage In This Quote Example Are most Likely On The Higher Side. Most Clients Get A Much Lower Interrest Rates.

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